Jayde Donovan is the Host of Todd & Jayde in the Morning on New York’s 95.5 WPLJ and Syndicated Host of Red Carpet Radio on 300+ stations with Westwood One.

An active philanthropist through her organization, Apple a Day Foundation, a national nonprofit that helps kids stay connected during cancer treatment by surprising them with iPads and other devices.

Previously, Jayde worked as a correspondent with Billy Bush on Access Hollywood, fill-in co-host with Regis Philbin on LIVE With Regis & Kelly, and co-host on the Bravo show Love Calling with Donny Duetsch!

Jayde was the Host of “Hot Mornings with Jayde” on Cox Media’s WPOI Hot 101.5. During her time in Tampa, Jayde posed for the cover of Tampa Style Magazine while 8 months pregnant.

Jayde was also Co-Host of Johnny & Jayde in the Morning in Orlando on WXXL XL 106.7.

While in Orlando, she wrote for Orlando Style Magazine and was featured on the cover of Orlando Style, Orlando Magazine, Think Healthy Magazine, and Orlando Women’s Newspaper.

Jayde currently resides in Manhattan with Bryce, her boyfriend of 9 years, their 5 year old daughter Stella, and her 10 year-old stepson Gavyn.




12 hours ago

Jayde Donovan






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I did it!!!! Oh my freaking god!!! I’m going to need some work!😂

Your still beautiful


Just say no, I do.

I agree..you still look great..

Still beautiful

Alcohol puffy face...lol

I mean, in a dimly lit bar...

What the ....

Still smokin in your old age 😂

Can’t help but notice your perfect eyebrows👌

Yes dont do drugs. But Jayde, you will always be gorgeous

Still a milf either way

Party on my friend, you only live once girl! 😂🤣😂🤣

Damn a couple of days in NYC hasn't done you well🤣🤣🤣🤣

Alcohol does indeed age a person , you could even see it in their body ,and body language as well ! I know of many !

Lay off the hooch

Oh wow say “No to Drugs” you re still lovely

Jayde is still syndicated on her own Saturday show all over the country she wasn’t just on PlJ 🙂 Check it out if you haven’t already she is the best! (Maybe you already know 🤷🏼‍♀️)

you'll still be pretty when mother nature kicks your ass 😂

You better stop drinking 😂

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2 days ago

Jayde Donovan

Back in my baby NYC for a few days ♥️♥️♥️ Sans kids and only minor responsibilities so text if you want to meet up for drinks or tattoos my bitches cuz mama’s on the loose 👏🏽 ...

Back in my baby NYC for a few days ♥️♥️♥️ Sans kids and only minor responsibilities so text if you want to meet up for drinks or tattoos my bitches cuz mama’s on the loose 👏🏽


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wish we could...have fun...!!

Welcome back!

Dang, I wish! I'm *finally getting my NYC trip this September and I cannot wait! You could totally show me all the hot spots too! Enjoy your stay, GF, and have fun!


Sexy pose..

Welcome back!!!

Welcome back. We’ve missed you

How about drinks in FL? Can you do that?

Omg I wish

I see the tattoo on your arm, how many do you have????

welcome back Jayde Donovan!!! we've missed you terribly!!!

Lol love it !!

NY missed you!

Can we get together from 6-10 am?..... like every morning?

Did someone say Fireball?

Welcome back to NY. Seems like your all set in Florida but NY still misses you!

Drinks and tacos!!


I am on vacation all week and free lol

Pls come hone w toddd

Welcome back 💕 I hope you're here negotiating a morning radio show!!!!

Awesome. Have a safe trip

Have fun jayde!!! Go crazy!!

Enjoy your time

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2 days ago

Jayde Donovan

In NYC for a couple days ♥️♥️♥️ do I choose a hotel near meetings or near my favorite bar? ...


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Hmmm what type of meetings

I hope this meeting is getting you back in NYC

hope this means you might be back on the radio in NYC!! Hotel near the bar is my vote!!!

Near a bar near your favorite PEOPLE!!


You can crash at my pad..

She JUST bought a house, can’t say that looks good for a comeback in NYC 😕

Stay at the Wellington Hotel. Nice hotel and friendly staff


Stay at Todd's house

Favorite bar, of course.

I hope you come back to NY.❤️


Don’t choose one you will afraid to walk back to.

Here here room is here

Welcome back if only for a short while.

Less walking more drinks


Choose two!!!

Pls tell me you are all about a meeting to get back to nyc radio ❤️that said I hope you can go on Running on Coffee and Cocktails would love to hear you ❤️👍

Is this a real question?!

The answer is YES! (Lol)

Hotel near your meeting that way you can bar crawl but get to your meeting in time🍷

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7 days ago

Jayde Donovan

He gives zero woofs. ...

He gives zero woofs.


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How is it possible that he got cuter? ❤❤




He is too cute for words!

As he should.....🐾😀

❤️ me too! 😄

Cutest dog I’ve ever seen, besides my own, of course!

I’m in agreement


I love him ❤️🐶❤️

He is soooooo cute

What's his name

Neither do they

So adorable

I bet he's loving the Florida weather

He is adorable! Here is my 1 year old Pomsky (Husky/Pomeranian mix), Schatzi (means Sweetie or similar in German)

What kind of dog is he??

That pupper need his belly rubbed and told what a good boy he is!

Looks like my dog!


Minja ❤️

He is just too cute. What is his name?

That look...

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1 week ago

Jayde Donovan

Bryce: (after kids finished fighting) Stella one day when you’re grown, you and your brother might even go out and have a beer together.

Stella: No Daddy. I’ll be drinking wine.


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Smart girl


Houston... we have a problem! 😂😂😂


Love it!! Sassy Stella..she'll tell ya like it is!!

My kind of girl 🥰😊😂

Definitely a smart girl !

Well shit! 😂

Girl after my own heart!!! 💞💚

That right there, is the result of epic parenting! 👏🏼

Classic! 😂😂

Kim Elkins🤣

I love everything about this!!

Lol. You are bringing her up right! 😂😂


I love her 💕💕💕

She’s my favorite

Sorry about PLJ. But we are happy you are back in Tampa!

Nailed it

Aka moms juice

Girl after my own heart. You go Stella. 😘😘

U go girl! Tell it like it is.


Parenting win

Lol 😂 that’s a wise girl 😉

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