13 hours ago

Jayde Donovan

We should’ve hired movers. ...

We should’ve hired movers.


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Miss you!!!

Love the view !

You did! 🤗

😂😂🤣😂 welcome back!!! Drinks?? What lake r u on?

that view ❤️❤️❤️

Miss you 😍

That view!


Great view

Why? That box moves itself.

Miss the morning crew....my ride to work isn't the same

That is some view you've got there😀

Those windows are uhhmazing!!!!

She's living her best life <3 without regret and unapologetically! This is where i need to be in my life.. i LOVE this

Looks Ike you did already! Lol!

Looks Ike you did already! Lol!

this might be my favorite pic you ever posted lol

View looks fantastic

Love the view

That view is amazing!

Why? Everything looks like it’s going REALLY well.

So happy for you..everything always works out..new journey..sorry not in my area but still happy for you.

Love the view.

This is all i could see when i saw this....lol

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24 hours ago

Jayde Donovan

My kid just called a McFlurry a “McFlirty” and no one should call it anything else🍦 ...


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Do miss u

Love it!!

These are the things we need to hear about ❤️❤️

Now we know the next Valentine's Day ad campaign.

I love those kid mispronounced words that stay with you forever. We still say Abalama and Abraham Lincolnham in this house thanks to my little ones.

I think you should let Mcdonalds know about this and have them change it. I like that name better. I'd buy a Mcflirty because it really is like a little flirt in a cup🍦🍦

My daughter used to call Sonic’s Cherry Limeade, Chilly Monday and it is forever known as Chilly Monday now.

Kids misspelling stuff is my favorite. Here is my nephew

Mine used to call eyebrows "eyebrowns" like hashbrowns.

Miss you

Omg reminds me of when my daughter ordered a Dr. Pecker. Lmao!! I still call it that so from now on McFlirty it is!!

Whatever Stella says!!

🙌 Stella!! 💜

She is awesome!! I will never say it the right way again!!!

That is ABSOLUTELY correct. Miss you guys on the radio.❤❤❤

That’s your daughter Stella!!

Ok - Mcflirty it is!


I mean why would you want to that’s the perfect name for it! 😂😍

Haha Jayde Donovan the only time “nice cones” ever worked as a pickup line

Awesome girl



That’s adorable.

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1 day ago

Jayde Donovan

We are officially Floridians again!!☀️ ...

We are officially Floridians again!!☀️


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congrats what a beautiful view

Close to me?? I live in Deltona

Dang NJ and NY misses you already.on the southern air yet?


Beautiful view!

Congrats but damn do we miss you in jersey!

NO Snow for YoU!

Omg! I hope to hear you on a radio near me soon!! (TAMPA!) AND Look at those thighs! I want to eat her up!!

Those windows are everything!!!!!

Welcome home!!!!!!!

omg that view! <3

(NYC misses you, though ;( )

Wish u were still on the radio morning are not the same. Best a luck in your new adventures

Welcome home!!!

Welcome home!

CONgrats !!

Welcome back!!!!!!

Welcome Home Jayde, we missed you!

Yessssss! So happy to have you back.❤

Finally. Woohoo

NY will always love ya!

My commute misses you. It hasn’t been the same since you went off the air. Blown off was the highlight of my morning

Congrats!! Looks amazing!

Balls...but good luck!

Congrats!! BUT mornings are NOT the same w/o you guys 😢😢

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4 days ago

Jayde Donovan




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Who is this......

Mini Jayde!

Don tell me that your baby...

No baby face anymore 😭


cuz thats a grown woman right there!!!

Don't blink mom, They grow up so fast!

Awh she is a mini Jayde ❤️ she is beautiful 💙

Jade are you back in Florida for good?

She's beautiful !!

That baby face is gone.

Omg, Jayde she looks sooo grown🤭🤭❤️

Omg, Jayde she looks sooo grown🤭🤭❤️

So beautiful

Is that Stella? Beautiful.

Your mini me 😊

So pretty! I love how she is your mini ❤️

She did get big this year❤️❤️❤️ still need you BACK in nyc radio ❤️❤️❤️

Wow Jayde shes grown up so much!

She looks so grown up!!

Big girl face!!

Is that you when you were little???

She lost her baby face 💜


Omg this looks like your mini

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