Jayde Donovan is the Host of Todd & Jayde in the Morning on New York’s 95.5 WPLJ and Syndicated Host of Red Carpet Radio on 300+ stations with Westwood One.

An active philanthropist through her organization, Apple a Day Foundation, a national nonprofit that helps kids stay connected during cancer treatment by surprising them with iPads and other devices.

Previously, Jayde worked as a correspondent with Billy Bush on Access Hollywood, fill-in co-host with Regis Philbin on LIVE With Regis & Kelly, and co-host on the Bravo show Love Calling with Donny Duetsch!

Jayde was the Host of “Hot Mornings with Jayde” on Cox Media’s WPOI Hot 101.5. During her time in Tampa, Jayde posed for the cover of Tampa Style Magazine while 8 months pregnant.

Jayde was also Co-Host of Johnny & Jayde in the Morning in Orlando on WXXL XL 106.7.

While in Orlando, she wrote for Orlando Style Magazine and was featured on the cover of Orlando Style, Orlando Magazine, Think Healthy Magazine, and Orlando Women’s Newspaper.

Jayde currently resides in Manhattan with Bryce, her boyfriend of 9 years, their 5 year old daughter Stella, and her 10 year-old stepson Gavyn.




6 hours ago

Jayde Donovan

1 month ago this little angel arrived! Lenny has stolen our hearts & brought so much love to our family! Happy 1 month to our little snuggle monkey.🎂🐵 #1month #daddysgirl ...

1 month ago this little angel arrived! Lenny has stolen our hearts & brought so much love to our family! Happy 1 month to our little snuggle monkey.🎂🐵 #1month #daddysgirl


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Beautiful picture

This. Is. Precious ♡

Sooo cute!

She is gorgeous

Pure bliss! Happy 1 month yo your beautiful Lenny 💞🤗

Beautiful baby

She's beautiful. God bless her. Happy one month.


It goes so quick. Don’t blink. 😘🤗

Absolutely beautiful!! I see so much of Stella in her.💕

ONE MONTH!!! Say whaaaat???

A month? Already?? Slow down Lenny.

She's so cute! Bless her always!

Tell Stella to snuggle right up in there too 😘


She’s so cute and seeing her sleeping reminds me of how you used to describe how much you loved sleeping when you were pregnant 😴😴😴

What a little love bug! ❤️

Looks just like Stella ..❤️❤️

I have been waiting for this pic. So sweet, but Daddy looks tired like Mommy. Babies, gotta love em.😘😴😴💕

God bless 😘

Am I crazy or is she Stella's twin? She is so darn cute!

I know all of you are very happy family. She's so beautiful.

So sweet, congratulations to you both 💕

A month already?? Wth?! Dang, gf, you better be snapping pics (of the baby 😄) and writing shit down 😚

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1 day ago

Jayde Donovan

I do this really cute thing now where I cry every night and don’t know why. Then I watch my boyfriend’s horrified face as he bobs and weaves trying to figure out how to soothe me, which then makes me laugh hysterically bc I’m an emotional land mine. Now I’m laugh/crying and he’s afraid and sorry dude you knocked me up so enjoy the ride 😭😭😭😂 #prayforbryce ...


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You are really the coolest chick

It's the hormones. I was all wacky for a while after I had my daughter. You will be fine. Just take time for yourself whenever you get a chance.

It happens again when you’re older only now I can’t blame it on just having a baby!

Hang in there ❤️

Jayde, this is not your first rodeo, get it together. Your a good mom, great woman, clearly a great person. It will just take some time, but poor Bryce. I wish you sleep, and peace while trying to sleep <3

I think you enjoyed "the ride" as you got knocked up (Just taking a wild guess) . And isn't he your fiance? Also you better calm those mood swings fast if you ever want him to marry you. Lol just kidding he will marry you anyway even if you are a crazy women.

Awww poor guy ! Sending you some hugs !

#hangintherebryce #thisshallpass

Chalk it up to hormones getting back to normal. Everything seems overwhelming. In the meantime its your party you can cry if you want to 🎼💖

Dontcha just love those hormones 😄

You are entitled to your emotions! You ride that roller coaster like a queen!! ❤

He will be fine!! Your hormones will calm down eventually. Enjoy the fear in his eyes! LOL

Hormones..... They suck! Hang in there Bryce!

Hormonal..we are ruled by them. Poor guy, all men do that bob and weave. They have no idea what to do with us. 😭😭🤪🤪💕

Just throw chocolate at her bryce lots and lots of chocolate lol!!!!

Hahaha! I remember doing that and my poor husband never knew what to do. Bryce, bob and weave. Lol

Awww poor Bryce. At least he’s trying. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Jayde Donovan you've got this Just keep venting and sharing your feelings. We are listening❤

Watch out for that ppd. It's a real bitch

Lack of sleep 💤 makes everything soooo much more overwhelming, intense and magnified! I remember it being so much worse with my third (and last), because I was older than the first two. Having kids in your 30’s is way tougher than in your 20’s. I was a crying zombie 🧟‍♀️. Once I could almost sleep through the night, life got better again. Feel better 💕 Miss you on PLJ 😊

Ohhhnooo you poor postpartum Lil momma. I feel so bad for you. Bob-n-weave is the easy part

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2 days ago

Jayde Donovan

If it involves me wiping the sleepy out of my eye and putting on pants, I’m not interested. ...


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🍸 🍹 👏🤣

Damn you are right to the point.

Me either since I was awake when you were.

Keep resting. There will be plenty of time to conquer the world later.

You don’t have to wear pants if you don’t want to. Nobody puts Jayde in a corner!!

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2 days ago

Jayde Donovan

Being awake all hours is horse shit but there’s nothing like being tortured by this cuteness. 3am feeding is a wrap. Now just staring bc I’m obsessed.💕 ...

Being awake all hours is horse shit but there’s nothing like being tortured by this cuteness. 3am feeding is a wrap. Now just staring bc I’m obsessed.💕


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Lennie is beyond beautiful. Hope you get some rest.

She’s precious. You know those quiet moments alone with your little one are fleeting. Enjoy them!

She’s such a beautiful baby girl. Love how you’re so in love with her❣️



Oh Jayde she is so cute and peaceful in her world..it’s 3:30 am here in Calif. I would have taken her off your hands as I can’t sleep most nights.

Another little beauty 💖

She’s beautiful

Sooo cute

Absolutely beautiful!!💕

She’s getting so big seems to be filling out. Beautiful so loved and content Good job Mama

So cute. God bless her.

She is beautiful

That’s why God makes babies and kittens so cute!

She is so precious ❤


Little 😇

So adorable

Beautiful baby ❤

She is absolutely beautiful! I can understand why you are obsessed! 💖💖

She is absolutely gorgeous! ❤️

I say it all the time "I rather be awake because she is here crying, then her not here and I'm crying" Four losses in three years makes me appreciate everything I have.

She’s so beautiful!

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3 days ago

Jayde Donovan

I already have anxiety about not getting enough sleep tonight. It’s 9am. ...


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You are too much


I remember that feeling all too well thanks for the laugh =)

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