Jayde Donovan caught in the middle of ‘corporate cage fight’ [Page Six]

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ayde Donovan, the popular morning drive-time DJ on WPLJ-FM, is caught in the middle of the battle over Cumulus Media, owner of 446 radio stations across the country.

Cumulus chairman Jeff Marcus is being questioned about a recent meeting he had with Donovan, in which he assured her that she’d be taken care of if he were ousted from the company.

Rumors of sexual harassment in the meeting were inadvertently stoked when Cumulus CEO Mary Berner sent out a memo on Monday, warning her 3,600 employees of the company’s zero-tolerance policy.

The Inside Music Media Web site was crashing on Wednesday, with so many people reading a story headlined “Sex Scandal at Cumulus.”

But, as the trade blog noted, the rumor about Marcus “wasn’t true.”

“Nothing untoward happened,” Marcus’ spokesman Jeff Taufield told me. “It had nothing to do with sexual harassment. It was all about her contract.”

Cumulus, staggering under $2.4 billion in debt, is expected to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization any day now with Lew Dickey, who ran the company until he was ousted two years ago, looking to regain control.

“There’s bad blood between Dickey and Marcus,” one insider said. “Marcus went to WPLJ and told Jayde, ‘This is probably the last time you’re going to see me. But you’re going to be OK.’ ”

Donovan didn’t get back to me. “She doesn’t want any attention,” an insider said. “She’s caught in the middle of this corporate cage fight.”


But sources said that Donovan is about to be offered a new contract.

Source: Page Six

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