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Jayde Donovan: A voice of compassion



HER INSPIRATION: “My parents have always encouraged getting involved in the community,” says Donovan, 27. “But I think I really have to give credit to Johnny at work.” That would be her co-host, Johnny Magic, a tireless, longtime supporter of charitable causes. “When I moved here, seeing how much he cared and how big his heart was and how much he gave to Orlando, was very touching. And it just kind of rubbed off on me.

”HER JOB: In 2007, Jayde Donovan moved to Orlando from Los Angeles to become a co-host of Johnny & Jayde Morning Show, a popular radio program broadcast Monday through Friday from 6 to 10 a.m. on XL 106.7 FM. Last August, she attracted national attention by filling in for Kelly Ripa on TV’s Live With Regis and Kelly.

HER CHARITIES: Donovan don-ates her time and effort in support of many charitable organizations, including Susan G. Komen for the Cure, for which she’s served as a host/emcee for Race for the Cure for several years; Baby DJ, which was started by Johnny Magic and for which Donovan helps to collect donated toys and distribute them to children at Christmastime; B.A.S.E. Camp Children’s Cancer Foundation, for which she hosts events to support children battling cancer; PACE Center for Girls, for which she hosts fundraisers; Operation: Princess Project, which she started at 106.7 to collect prom dresses and distribute them to high-school girls; and Give Hope Foundation, which helps families with a loved one battling cancer.

HER NEW PROJECT: At a charity event in 2008, Donovan met and began a friendship with a young teenager from Longwood named Brittany Hamilton, who had terminal cancer. Donovan noticed that after chemotherapy, the girl would rest in her hospital bed in whatever position caused her the least amount of pain. That gave Donovan the idea of giving Brittany an iPhone, so the teen could communicate with friends, listen to music, access the Internet and generally stay connected without changing position. “Technology can be this great bridge, a window into the world,” says Donovan. Brittany passed away two months after receiving a phone, but Donovan was inspired to create Apple A Day, a foundation in the girl’s honor. Apple A Day will strive to get iPhones to kids in similar situations, as a way of easing their lives.

HER REWARD: Giving back, says Donovan, “is like a drug. Once you start getting involved and you meet the people that you’re helping, it comes back to you.”

HOW YOU CAN HELP: To become involved with most of the charities mentioned here, contact the appropriate organization directly. To help Donovan with Apple A Day, e-mail her at jayde@xl1067.com


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