Weekends with Jayde

Join Jayde on Saturday mornings for three hours of the best music paired with empowering interviews with celebrity moms and “real moms” who inspire.

Todd & Jayde in the Morning

Wake up on the weekdays with Todd and Jayde every morning on 95.5 PLJ!

Bad Mamas Podcast

We’re not regular moms, we’re cool moms. Jayde and other badass moms sit down and tell the truth about motherhood and all the crazy sh*t our kids do.

Launching February 7, 2019

40 Weeks Podcast

Join Jayde as she details what you should expect during every week of pregnancy. She won’t leave out a thing; the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful.

Debuting March 18, 2019

Red Carpet Radio

Jayde hits the red carpet with the hottest celebrities in Hollywood.

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